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Opportunity for entrepreneurs in the context of the current COVID crisis and preparing for the after

The famous Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) and its “Efficient Solutions” Label The SIF invites cleantech entrepreneurs to join a global challenge à build a portfolio of 1000 profitable solutions that can protect the environment in order to make high-decision makers act now. In other words: “motivate public and private markets to adopt SDG efficient solutions”.

Find here the benefits of the SIF “Efficient Solutions” Label:

As part of Waterpreneurs ASSESS activities,

Waterpreneurs is collaborating with the SIF to identify and qualify SDG6 solutions and cleantech innovations to be recognized globally with the SIF “Efficient Solutions” Label. The objective for Waterpreneurs: to help solutions be eligible for the 1000 Efficient Solutions Portfolio and at the same time identify merchants that can present their solutions during the “Innovate 4 Water” marketplaces planned around the world.

Please let us know if you see interest, we will be happy to provide further information and discuss with you how we can collaborate around this matter.

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