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GDPR - We need your explicit consent

If you would like to keep receiving Waterpreneurs newsletters

At Waterpreneurs, we are committed to sustainability challenges and opportunities, namely the Sustainable Development Goals. Sharing information, including invitations for marketplace forums, is one of our key services "Connect", along with "Assess" and "Scale-Up".

By now you may have heard about the new European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that comes into effect May 25, 2018. To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need to confirm that you would like to keep receiving content from us. Otherwise we will have to stop communicating with you. We think that the GDPR is good governance, therefore we are extending this request to each one of our contacts, even if you have already said you want to keep receiving content from us or even if you are not in Europe. We promise to:

  • keep treating your data seriously,

  • not to share or sell your data,

  • immediately stop sending you emails if you later change your mind and

  • not to overload you with information.

We hope that our content and invitations are useful to you. If you'd like to continue hearing from us

What kind of communication do we send? We could send several types of communications:

• Invitations to "Innovate 4 Water" marketplace forums held throughout the year. • Company updates and new services. • "News" and "Performance updates" covering a variety of topics regarding Waterpreneurs products or services, including industry news and insights.

We hope that sharing news about topics such as impact investing for water and sanitation, marketplace forum and our activities is useful to you.

Thank you for your continuous interest in Waterpreneurs!

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