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Official Launch at World Water Week

WaterLex officially announced the launch of Waterpreneurs at World Water Week in Stockholm, the 28th of August 2016, on the booth of the Swiss Water Partnership.

Waterpreneurs co-founders presented the mission of Waterpreneurs:

Waterpreneurs supports the scaling-up of impact investment finance for the growth of local water entrepreneurs who contribute to the realisation of the human right to water and sanitation.

The presentation was introduced by Amanda Loeffen, General Magager of WaterLex, who remided the origins of Watepreneurs:

The WaterLex Business & Human Rights programme generated the idea of Waterpreneurs in 2015. WaterLex recognises the need for safe, affordable water and sanitation for low-income populations, particularly in peri-urban areas. Applying a human rights-based approach to development of water solutions could unlock new sources of social impact finance and stimulate growth of low-cost water infrastructure.

Waterpreneurs is the coordinating mechanism that brings together businesses and non-profit organizations, based on shared interests.

In water-stressed areas, we advise corporations to add a human rights-based approach to their work, esepecially if their business has an impact on the local environment and water supply.

The Waterpreneurs governance model is likely to be an independent for-profit organization, B-Corp certified, owned by a foundation under Swiss law.

Any profits generated will be reinvested in further growth, and allocated to support local community projects.

Waterpreneurs short-term priority is to test its concept through pilot projects in Africa and Asia. The beggining of a great journey !

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