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Presenting in UN conference on Municipal Finance & Urban Economy

Article from the final report of the City Prosperity Initiative - Metropolitan Cities (CPI-MC) International Conference: Municipal Finance & Urban Economy

Financial Innovations: Summary & Priorities Sustainable Water Impact Investment

"Nicolas Lorne and Brieux Michoud are co-founders of Waterpreneurs who are focusing on impact investing, specifically micro credit and product equity for small local entrepreneurs. Waterpreneurs is a company that represents safe investment for safe water. This is meant to ensure that investors are financing projects that are not variable, and will provide some sort of return.

It also is a promotion of social and environmental awareness of the impact of their investment. These investments are specifically in the realm of water, currently with a focus on providing safe drinking water to low income rural areas. Cities become the backbone of support to entrepreneurs in the surrounding rural areas, and must the starting point for projects.

Innovative water projects that promote local ownership are a key initiative of Waterpreneurs, this provides small entrepreneurs the opportunity to provide local communities with access to water, and gain capital in a rural setting.

Waterpreneurs aims to connect these entrepreneurs with financial institutions who will be willing to safely invest in these projects, this promotes corporate social responsibility and provides access to small business owners."

Read the full report here

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