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Delivering systematic impact 

Waterpreneurs acts as a catalyst and mobilises versatile expertise and a global network of influential key stakeholders to accelerate collaborations between existing platforms and scale-up impact in the water nexus, at a local and global scale.

Our vision


Access to basic services in the water nexus, leaving no one behind;

Local responsible market-based organisations at the heart of sustainable development;

Impact investing as a part of the solution to solve global problems;

Global alliances and platforms collaborating for acceleration of impact.


Our mission

serving marketforces for good

Waterpreneurs focuses on the link between water, human rights, security and peace.
It acts as a catalyst to foster interactions between global and local actors from the private sector, public sector and civil society to create opportunities and attract funding for innovative and impactful local solutions.

It acts as a multiplier. Waterpreneurs approach is systemic and creates local peer-to-peer interactions for global impact. This is achieved via a multi-stakeholder approach leading to the development of local clusters of solution providers who deliver impact in natural and human ecosystems.

The objective is to address critical challenges in different areas (1).png

Our values






Read Waterpreneurs Partnership Policy where we describe our values and our principles of work with partners.

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